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How Chirally Correct Ingredients Can Make A Difference In Skin Care Products

Skin Fitness Raleigh skin care products

The term chirally correct is a common scientific term being applied to skin care products. The concept of chirality was first used in 1847 when it was discovered that wine contained two identical acids. Today the term is used in pharmaceutical industry to describe certain drugs.

What is the meaning of "chirally correct"?

Scientific studies have discovered that chemical compounds can contain identical molecules which are in fact very different. This statement means that two particles can be the same chemically and physically, but the way they attach and react with other molecules is entirely different. A simple way to think of these particles is that they are mirror images of each other like our hands. Both hands look the same and function the same, but are unique in how they fit into a glove. A right-handed glove doesn't fit on a left hand. In the case of chemical compounds, one side of the mirror image may be beneficial and the other side harmful. These identical "mirror image" molecules only happen in synthetic chemicals. Most mass produced products use synthetic chemicals because extracting those chemicals from nature is massively expensive. (In nature, all compounds are chirally correct.) When a lab then removes the bad or useless part of the molecule, it is called "Chirally correct."

In the case of skin care products, side of the molecule benefits the skin more than the other. The "good" side of the molecule is more readily absorbed and provides maximum benefits to the skin. The efficiency of skin care products can be enhanced by incorporating chirally correct ingredients in them. It makes sense to remove the weaker side of the molecule to receive the most benefits from the more-effective half of the ingredient. Chirally Correct, therefore, improves the performance of components by increasing superior absorption. Chirally correct ingredients in care products improve the effectiveness of the product to give the best possible results.

For more information on chirally correct skin care treatments, contact Skin Fitness Raleigh at 919-291-6846.

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