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DNA Skin Care and ingredients.

Skin Deep: DNA Skin Care DNA Skin Care is one of the latest technologies in the skin care industry. Linda Nelson, Lifeline's Director of Education, answers a series of questions to help us better understand what this new frontier is all about.

Q) What are some of the ways you're seeing DNA impact skincare? A) DNA repair is one of the latest technologies in the fight against skin aging. It has always been assumed that photo-damaged skin is the irreversible consequence of long hours of unprotected sun exposure. Recently, scientists have discovered that photo-aging can be reversed by repairing and reprogramming the skin’s DNA using stem cell proteins, peptides, growth factors, DNA repairing enzymes, and powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients in newly developing skin care products.

Q) DNA-repairing skincare products are also on the rise. What effect are these products having on the industry, and do you expect their popularity to grow? A) We are starting to see more innovative ways to address the issues of accelerated skin aging due to DNA damage. Skin care companies now are looking at technologies that actually have an effect on skin’s natural ability to repair itself. Currently we are using proteins, peptides, growth factors and specialized enzymes to help increase the rate of repair and lower the level of collagen-destroying enzymes, thus allowing the skin to regain its natural structural balance. This high-functioning skin care concept is being more widely used, as we are dealing with a very savvy consumer that is looking for results. I expect this trend to continue as we create new advancements in DNA repairing skin care to address aging skin issues that have been, and will always be an area of concern.

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